Crew Entertainment was founded in 1996 by Edward Patten and William Guest of the legendary singing group Gladys Knight and the Pips, Lou Wilson, of Lou Wilson and today’s People, and noted producer Butch Birch of Wade Flemons Fame. They started out as a Blues label with Lou’s bluesy lyrics and music and then expanded their repertoire of music genres by adding gospel, rhythm and blues, dance/ house/ alternative and adult contemporary.
In 2005, Edward Patten passed away due to complications with his long battle with Diabetes. Edward’s wife, Renee then stepped in to fulfill his role with Crew Entertainment. With her acting background, she was able to fall right into place in handling the different responsibilities of Crew.
Crew signed their first adult alternative/rhythm & blues group, The Stubbs Girls comprised of Legendary Motown lead singer of the Four Tops Levi Stubbs and Joe Stubbs, lead singer of the Falcons, sister and nieces; they also signed noted powerhouse gospel group, Harold Holloway and Company to its label in 2009.
The company has continued to grow with Monique Guest and Edward Patten II joining as Vice Presidents. In 2013 Edward “Teyamo” Patten II joined the roster of Crew Entertainment as an artist for the R&B/house /dance music division. As of 2014 Sheila Stubbs has joined the Crew Entertainment roster as a solo artist. Crew continues to break new ground and grow.

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